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Guidelines for bringing in food for celebrations

We have students enrolled who have life-threatening food allergies. Our Food Rules were developed to keep them safe:

  • No homemade foods are allowed.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts has recently added peanuts to their menus and their products are no longer allowed.
  • The food must be in its original container with the ingredients list attached and legible.
  • The ingredients cannot include NUTS of any kind.
  • Even if nuts are not listed as an ingredient, items are not allowed if the label says they:
    • May contain nuts
    • Were made in a factory that processes nut products
  • You must check the ingredients list each time you purchase an item.
  • Bakery items which do not have an ingredients list attached to the original packaging must be accompanied by a note on the bakery letterhead or receipt saying that the product is nut-free. This includes grocery stores, local bakeries, etc.
  • You may not allow your child to enter the building with food from home, and if your child has peanut butter or nut products for breakfast, please be sure to wash his/her hands before leaving the house.
  • If you would like to bring in special treats and would like an alternative to baked items, you might consider bringing in fresh fruit, sherbet, ice cream or ice pops after checking the labels to be sure that they are nut-free.


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